Aflama, LLC provides video production, language and cross-cultural communication services to television production companies, small businesses, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and independent media makers.
Aflama, LLC is dedicated to artistic and educational productions dealing with health, education, wildlife, international development, social justice, human rights, arts and world cultures.
Principal’s Bio:
Before starting Aflama, LLC, Rouane Itani accumulated over a decade of international experience in media production, outreach and promotion with a focus on educational videos and documentaries. Rouane got her debut as an independent documentary filmmaker with MADAME PARLIAMENTARIAN, a short film about women in Lebanese politics. She is a guest speaker and educator, a film festival juror and organizer, and an outreach director for documentary films. Fluent in Arabic and French, she worked in various Arab countries and is a trained interpreter. Rouane is committed to socially and globally-conscious movements.
Rouane Itani served on the Board of Women in Film and Video in Washington, DC from 2006 to 2010. She holds a Master’s degree in Film and Video Producing from American University in Washington, DC.
Mission Statement:
As a documentary filmmaker and language interpreter, my role is to bridge communication gaps. Whether filming and interviewing people for documentary films, or interpreting conversations for international visitors, foreign customers or immigrants with limited english, I am using tools and talents to give a voice for people to share their stories. It is a privilege to be trusted and allowed entry into the worlds of people I work with, who describe their memories, experiences, needs or problems, and where good communication could resolve a medical, legal, or employment issue and bring greater understanding between cultures.
Company’s Name: “Aflama” means her films in spoken Arabic.
In English “aflame” is afire, burning, ablaze, alight, on fire, in flames, blazing.
In Spanish and French, “una flama” and “une flame” is a flame.
The name “Aflama” alludes to the burning desire for storytelling and the passion to illuminate the lives of the oppressed and give voice to the voiceless.